Burn-In Test Sockets

The selection of the test socket is critical to the performance of a device during qualification testing where electrical  bias and signals are applied. Key factors such as mechanical compatibility, operating temperature, ability to withstand high moisture levels, signal speed and lead inductance/capacitance all need to be taken into account when selecting the best socket for the test application.

Reltech works closely with all of the industry leading socket manufacturers and has a vast amount of experience in test socket technology, enabling you to receive the best advice and ensure correct selection of the socket most suited to your test needs; assuring you of a high level of performance to withstand even the most hostile test environments.

A wide range of test sockets are available offering a multitude of different socket styles to suit leading edge package technologies, including fine pitch flip chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA), CSP (Chip Scale Package), QFN, TSSOP, TQFP, SOP and all other semiconductor package styles.

Reltech also provides burn-test socket “iSocket” solutions with active temperature DUT control.