Tested for Life on Mars!

March 2021 For over 25 years e2V (now Teledyne e2V) have been ensuring the life time reliability of their CCD space imaging devices using Reltech 3000 series Burn-In Life Test Systems. The Mars 2020 Perseverance is the latest application of these devices. Reltech is thrilled and very proud to be […] Read more »

9000 series Ultra High Power HTOL system – shown at ISE Labs, Testing the Limits Expo at the fabulous Levis Stadium, Santa Clara – September 2019

In a joint participation with Sensata Technologies, Qinex division, Reltech demonstrated it’s latest HTOL technology. The 9000 series Ultra High Power Solution incorporating iSocket™ liquid thermal control maintaining individual DUT set temperature even with hugely varying power surges and up to 800W DUT power. More Information Read more »

Reltech Seminar Summary

2018 Seminar Agenda With today’s electronic devices becoming a part of our lives, many companies have developed new and exciting products which will benefit the end users, but can only provide satisfaction with high reliability. This can often require expensive investment in skilled and experienced engineers to develop effective reliability […] Read more »