Failure Analysis Services

Nanoscopenewlogo (2)Introducing our Failure Analysis services partner, close neighbour and collaborator NanoScope Services. Working together with NanoScope we offer the following portfolio of advanced FA services.

Each analysis can be specified for 3 levels of detail, depending on time-line and budget.

Basic – an initial investigation to check specifically defined elements are in order.

Intermediate – more in depth investigation checking the specifics of the product in line with the  specifications stated.

Detailed – a more involved investigation to identify the route cause of a specific problem.

We are happy to offer cost-free initial consultancy to select your optimized work flow.

  • Ext Visual examination
  • Build a test socket board
  • Electrical benchtop testing (Basic)
  • Xray package analysis
  • CSAM package analysis
  • Decapsulation (inc. Cu w/laser, polyimide, MEMS Gels)
  • Internal optical inspection (inc.bonding)
  • Anti-counterfeit check (partnered with ELTEK)
  • FIB/SEM internal inspection
  • Adding FIB probe pads (electrical debug)
  • FIB sectioning and imaging (w/wo iterative slicing)
  • Process Metrology (inc. SI/SE imaging)
  • SEM EDS studies
  • FIBxTEM Sectioning, extraction and TEM imaging with EFTEM elemental analysis options
  • Report
LiveFIB' video conferencing, now with Optical microscopy

LiveFIB’ video conferencing, now with Optical microscopy


IB SI Imaging

IB SI Imaging

200kV STEM BF Imaging

200kV STEM BF Imaging