7000 Series HTOL System

Reltech HTOL systems – changing concepts

  • With ever decreasing geometries, the way we perform HTOL requires careful consideration.
  • In lower geometry device leakage currents are not only higher but vary greatly.
  • Temperature control at DUT level – required to achieve correct junction temperature at every DUT.
  • For higher geometries, HTOL can be performed in a more traditional way but with devices consuming more power, the ambient temperatures required varies greatly.
  • Multiple temperature zones are required – multi zones system or multiple smaller HTOL systems.

Reltech 7121 HTOL system

  • 21 HTOL Trays per chamber
  • 2.5m/s airflow high power
  • < 5W HTOL application
  • Up to 5 HTOL Lots per chamber
  • 192 I/O’s per Tray
  • 5 voltage rails per tray
  • Easy access to Driver Card at front of chamber
  • Lattice front – flexible load/unload timing
  • Driver Cards – Digital/Analogue/Mixed signal
  • Standard or application specific
  • DUT monitoring and logging via PC and MIDAS software
HTOL Mother/Daughter board

HTOL Mother/Daughter board

HTOL Board with Dynamic Driver Card

HTOL Board with Dynamic Driver Card