Espec LHL-113 Temperature & Humidity Cabinet

Espec LHL-113 Temperature & Humidity Cabinet

Preconditioning is performed prior to package level reliability testing to simulate the effects of board assembly on non-hermetic  devices where moisture may have been absorbed during normal storage. The subsequent exposure to high temperature during infra reflow assembly can cause internal damage such as “pop corning” and delamination.

During preconditioning, devices without any electrical bias applied are subjected to  dry baking, temperature and moisture soaking, solder IR reflow simulation, and functional  test before being used for package level reliability testing such as HAST, UHAST, THB, Temperature Cycling and High Temperature storage.

Reltech provides a full capability for Preconditioning as part of a full turn-key solution to package level Qualification testing.

  • Performed to JEDEC Standard JESD22-A113
  • Typical flow: Dry bake at 150°C for 24 hours > Moisture Soak at 30°C/60%RH (MSL2a) > 3 cycles IR Reflow>CSAM> Functional Test
  • Capability for Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1- 6
  • All package styles catered for