HTOL Driver Cards

A wide range of Driver card are available suitable for HTOL, THB, LTOL, and HAST test applications.  All device technologies are catered for whether it be Digital , Analogue, Mixed Signal, low voltage <0.5v, high voltage >>3KV.

The following driver card overview is an example from our standard range of driver cards and demonstrates some of the typical specifications available. Bespoke designed driver card to suit customer’s individual  requirements are also available.

DSCN2162 (1)

Typical Advanced Mixed Signal Driver Card

  • 7000 and 8000 HTOL System compatible
  • 64 Digital Vector Channels
  • 60 DUT Output Monitor Channels
  • 1 Analogue Output Channel
  • 64Mb Vector Memory Depth
  • Vih Level: 1.0 – 5.0v
  • Vector Looping – 2 Loops – infinite or repeat count
  • 6 Power Supply Outputs