Providing your TOTAL solution to Accelerated Testing and Reliability Management

With today’s electronic devices becoming a part of our lives, many companies have developed new and exciting products which will benefit the end users, but can only provide satisfaction with high reliability.

This can often require expensive investment in skilled and experienced engineers to develop effective reliability test and accelerated test programmes plus the need for the right type of stress test equipment to ensure maximum defect detection.

To make this path easier, more efficient and less costly, Reliability Solutions consultancy and Reltech-Independent Test Laboratory of Dursley, Gloucestershire have come together to provide companies with the detailed knowledge on how to develop the most effective Reliability Tests from design stage through to mass production with testing performed at Reltech.

This collaboration will be specifically focused on electronic board and system reliability.

Reltech have been testing components and products for leading electronics companies around the world for over 40 yrs, making them the perfect choice for any company requiring help in the area of reliability and accelerated stress testing.

Martin Shaw, MD of Reliability Solutions has over 35 yrs experience in developing reliability improvement programmes around the globe for multiple companies and is now linking Reltech to provide companies with the TOTAL solution.

The majority of independent test labs can provide a range of basic tests but in today’s complex electronic product designs, unique accelerated testing methods are required to drive high levels of latent defect detection. The days of simply running standard temperature/vibration tests to try and ‘qualify’ a product are long gone as the old approaches simply do NOT stimulate the appropriate latent defect types, nor are they strong enough to maximise defect detection capability.

This leaves a VERY RISKY GAP in any new product development cycle. Reliability Solutions and Reltech are now capable of filling this gap and providing a wide range of benefits to their clients;

  • No need for clients to carry expense of dedicated and experienced reliability engineering role
  • Detailed review of product stress test needs to fully understand methods required to stimulate latent defects
  • No Gaps in the reliability test approach to provide ultimate confidence in output from testing
  • Advice on what is required in terms of sample sizes to enable statistical prediction of failure rates / reliability from reliability test output
  • Development of low cost test solutions for sub-assy stress testing to qualify at the lowest level and maximise defect coverage
  • Provision of detailed reliability test plans and summaries for engineering and management review
  • Analysis of failure information to develop failure distribution models where required
  • Total support to the client with connection from initial discussion and advice on reliability test needs, development of actual tests, performing tests and providing detailed report with conclusions on reliability expectation.

Please contact either Martin Shaw of Reliability Solutions – or Mark Ashley of Reltech –, to discuss a TOTAL reliability programme for your product.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.