Reltech Seminar Summary

2018 Seminar Agenda

With today’s electronic devices becoming a part of our lives, many companies have developed new and exciting products which will benefit the end users, but can only provide satisfaction with high reliability.

This can often require expensive investment in skilled and experienced engineers to develop effective reliability test and accelerated test programmes plus the need for the right type of stress test equipment to ensure maximum defect detection.

To make this path easier, more efficient and less cost, Reliability Solutions consultancy and Reltech- Independent Test Laboratory of Dursley, Gloucestershire have come together to provide companies with the detailed knowledge on how to develop the most effective Reliability Tests from design stage through to mass production with testing performed at Reltech Test site.

We are proud to now offer our first Reliability Improvement seminar at Reltech between 9-10th October and are scoping out the interest level within the UK and Europe. The agenda is packed with real life case studies mixed with the required theory to ensure attendees lave the seminar with a very rounded knowledge on reliability and how to instantly start improvement in their own `companies

How will this course benefits your company?

  • Streamline your Reliability Testing and ensure only the most effective testing is performed
  • Greatly Increase your capability of defect detection
  • Drive Lowest field failure rates very quickly
  • Drive Down cost of Failure in the field
  • Lower the cost of your Reliability testing
  • Bring engineers together in their understanding of reliability and how to improve it at all levels
  • Provide a focused approach to Continual Improvement
  • Bring BETTER quality new products into the market quicker
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Why you should attend the Reliability Solutions / Reltech seminar ?

  • Learn about the REAL EFFECTIVE ways to test out your product reliability.
  • Realize you should NOT rely on old standards to qualify your product reliability.
  • Mix with like-minded engineers and managers interested in understanding more about reliability.
  • Understand how NOT to miss defects in your reliability test.
  • Understand how to get an edge on your competitors.
  • Learn how to improve reliability at lowest cost.
  • Discover what reliability means to the world’s most successful companies

The Course is designed to:

  • Reliability engineers , Test engineers
  • NPI engineer / Manager (New Product)
  • R&D engineers, Research Team.
  • Electronic and electro mechanical designers / manufacturers
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Lab/Quality Engineers / Departments.
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Design reliability section and Electronic Team.
  • Anyone who is doing reliability testing at design stage.
  • Contract manufacturers – There remains a need to understand reliability to add value to the service being provided to the client. This knowledge would be a big advantage for doing in-house. By in-house mean, they benefit from being able to analyse their test data themselves. Analysis of test data and being able to discuss results in more professional manner

Previous seminar feedback quotes;

“The course really applicable to most company. Not only necessarily for, reliability guy only. Designer should know also.”
Plexus Manufacturing

“Martin is surely an expert in this field. I would recommend it to others who would need this training.”
Infineon Technologies

“Good presentation skills and have a lots of experience in this course.”
Premium Sound

“Learn a lot of new knowledge “

“Im specialist of statistical analysis, I know theory background. However martin can share some points in practical that make me more understand and, find out the way to apply in future”
Sanmina (Thailand)

“Fantastic. Gain a lot of knowledge from the course.”

“Very good! Definitely learn new things”
Bose System

“Martin is a serious guy and in reliability testing and with his last experience able give better insight and approach for NPD/NPI reliability testing.”
Dyson Manufacturing

“Course was informative, new technique and modeling Instructor is very affective”
Sandisk Storage

“The instructor have in depth knowledge in Reliability and Management”
Sandisk Technologies

“Very Knowledgeable on the topic and have increased my overall understanding of importance of reliability “
Dominant OPTO Technologies

“Actual cases sharing good for audience. Trainer very knowledgeable in the topic that being addresses ”
Amkor Technology

“Good Knowledge on the industry and the needs to improve design for cost effectiveness”

2018 Seminar Agenda